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Domain Page Template – Website Brochure

Domain Page Template – Website Brochure

The world’s third-largest barrier reef, countless blue holes, thriving coral reefs, and near-forgotten shipwrecks offer endless thrills for experienced and first-time divers. With visibility of up to 200 ft and warm waters through most of the year, The Bahamas stands without much competition as a leading dive destination. 

The Bahamas is one of the world’s top scuba diving destinations and is consistently ranked among the best places to dive in the Caribbean and the world. According to a report by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation, scuba diving is the country’s second most popular tourist activity, after beach-related activities. The report also notes that the Bahamas receives more than 1.3 million visitors annually, many of whom come specifically for scuba diving. The country’s clear waters, abundant marine life, and diverse dive sites make it a favorite among scuba divers and underwater photographers from around the world.

In terms of being descriptive and straightforward, “” is a good domain name as it clearly communicates the website’s focus on scuba diving in the Bahamas. However, the effectiveness of the domain name also depends on other factors such as the website’s content, design, and marketing strategy. It is also worth noting that the availability of the domain name may be a factor to consider, as some domain names may already be taken. Ultimately, whether a domain name is good or not depends on your specific goals and needs for your website.

Here are a few examples of how you could use as an online business:

  1. Scuba diving tour operator: You could use the website to promote and sell scuba diving tours in the Bahamas, showcasing different dive sites and packages, and allowing customers to book and pay online.
  2. Dive gear retailer: You could set up an online store on the website, selling scuba diving equipment such as wetsuits, fins, masks, and regulators, and offering shipping to customers in the Bahamas and beyond.
  3. Scuba diving certification courses: You could offer scuba diving certification courses on the website, allowing customers to sign up and complete online coursework before attending in-person training and certification dives in the Bahamas.
  4. Scuba diving blog and resource center: You could use the website to create a blog and resource center focused on scuba diving in the Bahamas, providing information on dive sites, marine life, safety, and regulations, and building a community of scuba divers and enthusiasts.
  5. Online marketplace for local scuba diving operators: You could create an online marketplace that connects customers with local scuba diving operators in the Bahamas, allowing operators to list their services and prices, and customers to compare and book different options on one platform.



Team up with Creative Twist and let’s grow into the number-one resource for scuba diving in The Bahamas.

Minimum Annual Commitment

$ 500

Recommended Startup Cost

$ 3,500

What you get...

Logo & Print Essentials

Custom Logo, Business Card, Stationary, Invoice, & Flyer. Includes design and marketing copy for flyer.

Social Media

Create default cover, profile and post template. Write marketing copy for business description and details. Up to 3 accounts e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, etc…


A 5-page business website with marketing copy optimized for search engines. Accounts set up with Google and Bing performance monitoring tools and advertisement platforms.



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